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Decorating your cube gives you an opportunity to create a fun, personalized space while following workplace etiquette. Read the desk decorating tips below to learn how to create a space that looks just as good as the one in our video.

Beige, gray, white. Chances are your new cube walls are one of these three colors. The good news is that with a pair of scissors and some peel and stick paper, they don’t have to be that way for long.
Perhaps the most important thing to consider as you’re wallpapering your cube is your office culture. If you’re at a creative firm like an advertising agency, you likely have a little more room to spread your wings as far as wall color and pattern choices. If you’re somewhere corporate, it would be best to choose a neutral color—but don’t worry, there are tons of patterns and textures available in basic colors, like marble, weathered beach wood, faux brick and more.
When applying your new wall coverings (and any of your cube or desk modifications) be sure that your cube décor won’t create lasting damage to your cube. It might be your cube, but all equipment is company property, and it’s wise not to damage it.

Coordinated office supplies, like scissors, pens, a stapler, containers and more can help create a cohesive and productive workspace. You don’t have to go all out. Even a simple desk set can make a huge difference in pulling your cube space together. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online showing how to create pen cups, paper organizers, memo holders, keyboard stands, magnetized clip holders, custom pushpins and more. The possibilities are endless.

Office air can get as stale as it is cold. Adding plants is a simple way to bring some nature indoors, and can be especially heartening if your cube blocks any views of the outdoors.
Get as involved as you want—some people tackle delicate plants at their desks, like orchids, and others choose low-maintenance options like cacti, succulents, ivy, bamboo and the easiest living plant of all, air plants. If you’re truly convinced you don’t have a green thumb, even fake plant life can provide a fresh feel.

Offices are notorious for being cold. Keep a cushion on your chair for some extra coziness, or use a cute throw to wrap around you like a shawl.
You might also consider a rug. A cozy carpet in bright color protects company carpeting and feels much more warm and welcoming than the plastic floor coverings offices used to use.

Cube decorations like laps or strings of lights warm up your space. A bright cube can be a welcoming sight, especially if you’re working late or dealing with short winter days. You can even consider a bulb that mimics natural sunlight—it’s said that they may be able to help boost your mood .

It might not be your property, but it is your space. Surround yourself with images and trinkets that put you in a good mood and encourage you to work hard.
Your favorite mug, a card from a coworker, or a picture of your pet or your best friend are all ways to leave your mark on your space and help you infuse your personality into your work.
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